‘Start-ups are future’ Health industry ‘great place’ to back as global investors eye up UK – Express


In a discussion on the future of healthcare in Britain following the coronavirus pandemic, Cancer Professor and Express columnist Karol Sikora told Express.co.uk that healthcare is “a good place” to invest. He explained how “all sorts of start-ups” in the healthcare industry have been getting funding following growing interest from global investors.

The professor said: “Investors who have a surplus of money – they are sitting on piles of money around the world.

“A lot of them Chinese of course.”

Professor Sikora highlighted how “they are sitting on this money and they don’t know what to invest in.”

And he added: “I wouldn’t invest in an airline now, I don’t think anyone would, nor hotels.

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“But healthcare is a great place to invest.”

Prof Sikora went on to say: “There are all sorts of start-ups in healthcare that are getting funded that probably would not have done if it had not been for covid.”

And he added this is a possible area for Brits to invest.

The cancer professor highlighted: “I think people have been sufficiently shocked to realise what is important to them and what is important to their health.”


He added: “And almost certainly on the waiting lists are cancer patients who don’t know they have cancer and have to wait to get whatever they are waiting for before they will be found to have cancer – and that’s a problem.”

“Cancer is a particularly enigmatic disease. Because until this year – year on year, we have got better at getting good results, in other words, chances of surviving right across the board from cancer has gone up and up.

“But 2020 is the first year where it is not going to be better, it’s going to be down, 2021 will also be down.”

And in a sobering statement, the veteran medic said: “The problem we have is that we don’t know how bad it is, probably for two or three years.”


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